Yahuah's Love Language - Gifts?

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2017
While talking with Ruach HaKodesh and thanking Yahuah for his goodness: 
My mind traveled to the card my husband gave me today, was most unexpected, it was a welcomed surprise. He could see I was delighted at this most unexpected surprise laying on my placemat at our breakfast counter. I stopped my morning chores to sit down and enjoy the card filled with beautiful loving words. This is the type of surprise that speaks of love; extraordinary actions taken on his part to express his love for me. Something outside of the daily routine. Something he had to make a point to go and read cards until he found just the right one. 
I can almost hear what you are thinking. This lady is nuts to be so impressed with a card. Well not, if you knew my engineer husband. With the help of Ruach HaKodesh I have learned to truly appreciate the gift of a card. Why, because he had to first remember to get one, second he had to purposely alter his routine to go into a store, select it, sign it, hide it and remember to put it out before I came into the kitchen this morning; Valentine’s day. 
Then I stopped and realized that Yahuah gives gifts all the time. Gifts are one of Yahuah's love language. So now I am wondering what gifts can we give to the creator of the universe? How do we give gifts to Yahuah? How do we do extraordinary things to show love to our Yahuah?
Ruach HaKodesh gave me some suggestion that you might like to know also, so you can intentionally give gifts to Yahuah.
1. Give gifts to Yahuah by giving gifts to others. By surprising others with blessings. These can be people in your life and through charities. You can give 5.00 to the homeless person on the corner and not worry about what he is going to do with the money, just bless him. I see the same guy on the corner each week after my allergy appointment. I make a point now to have  a five dollar bill for him. Each time I say to Yahuah, “this is for this man who I know you want to express your love to.”
2. Our attention to Yahuah, meaning our time and total attention toward Yahuah during that time. Just hanging out with Yahuah and listening for His voice. Shutting out all the thoughts that are racing to get your attention. Tell them to be still and ask your spirit person to take control.
3. Praise is a gift toward Yahuah. Writing a song, poem or a prayer of your love for Yahuah is a gift to Yahuah. A song, poem or prayer is an expression of both your inner emotions and your talent that Yahuah has put in you.
3. You have only the expression of yourself to give to Yahuah as a gift.
  • When you give to others you use money that Yahuah’s talent in you allows you to earn. So you are expressing the result of your talent by using earnings to bless another.
  • Praise is an expression of the emotion in your inner being toward Yahuah.
  • Your gift to Yahuah is to give yourself back to Yahuah without distractions.
My gifts to you takes many forms but it all stems from my inner emotions toward you. That emotion has been labeled LOVE. Everything I do for you is done from the beginning point of LOVE.
Thank you Ruach HaKodesh , I will purposely give gifts of love to my Abba Father from what you have taught me today.
No gift can be given without love. If something is given without love it is self-serving and not love. Love is freely given without strings, without expectation in the heart of the giver for a particular outcome.