Expectations of Answered Prayer

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2018

Do you ever wonder why sometimes prayer gets answered and sometimes you don’t see the answer?  Just how determine do you need to be to get your answer? We have heard it taught over and over you have to trust Yahuah. So, what does that really mean?

This past week I have had an opportunity to get some of those answers first hand.

I have a history of answered prayer, as does my friend K. who is an intercessor. While I do some intercessory prayer, I am not an intercessor like my friend. She actually co-leads a team of intercessors in her church.  We have learned to be straight forward with Yahuah in our expectations of the end results of prayer and we have learned to request Yahuah command our Host Angels to battle for us and help us. Yahuah put them to flight for our cause 

Host Angels are the armies of God. They are different then our guardian angels.

So here is the path Yahuah and I went through.  I will give glory to Yahuah with the details following the path. Sometimes it helps to see the path. I hope this will give you new insights to your prayer life.

1.     A life interrupting, frustrating, costly event happened.

2.     Research in the natural: A flurry of human activity on what to do about the problem to reach the resolution goal. Realized I could not handle this alone.

3.     A realization that this was a problem that need Yahuah to intervene.

4.     Spent time in praise and worship, just loving on Yahuah and putting my problem to silence. In other words, telling demons to shut up and get out of my thought process.

5.     Asked Yahuah why a series of seemly unrelated problems were happening.

6.     Received the answer. Many things made perfect in this understanding.

7.     Repented and agreed to take the action I was being asked to take.

8.     Requested Yahuah release my Host Angels to breakdown strongholds and resolve the situation.

9.     Enlisted help: Called my intercessor friend K to agree in prayer with me.

10. She also sent her host angels and asked her team to intercede for me. We all knew the outcome we were looking for, not the process of how to get there but the end result.

11. Stood Firm: Continued to believe Yahuah could resolve it and stopped trying to resolve in the natural.

12. Listened for and heard from Ruach Ha-kodesh an action to take. Took the action.

13. Continued and expressed belief: Over the weekend both K and I were seeking God for the same response with expectation that God would take care of it.

14. The enemy tries to bring me back into the natural: The 2nd day toward Shabbat, reviewed the possibilities with my daughter in law, but guarded my active response to a great possible solution.

15. Reaffirmed my position of Faith: On the 2nd day toward Shabbat, went back to Yahuah and confirmed my belief that Yahuah could resolve the problem.

16. Yahuah makes known His response: Checking email and found that Yahuah had resolved the problem. 

The Problem

My husband traveled to Mexico and lost his passport in the Mexico airport. They allowed him to travel on to his final destination but when he was finished working with his client he would have to get a new passport before returning to the US. 

The city where he was working did not have a consult or a embassy. The first available appointment in the Embassy, Mexico City for a new passport was a little over a month after his last day of scheduled work with his client.

For reasons I will not detail in this post my husband was not able to just go in and wait to get a passport, he would have to go with an appointment. We were faced with hotel and living expenses while waiting the month and airplane change charges. Not only the cost of waiting but the potential loss to his business being away from the office so long.  He did not have enough medicine to stay that long. We also needed to get a birth certificate to get a new passport.

My husband wanted me to come to Mexico with a medicine supply and stay while the 30 plus days passed. While I would love to have a sunny vacation in Mexico, timing was not good for me.  Plus, there would be added expense for my air fare and living expenses and pet care cost. You know all this stuff adds up.

So, I was looking at this dilemma and considering several options. The first one I handled quickly, ordering a new birth certificate that would come to me in the US and then I would need to courier it to him.  So that was fine, costly but easily done with a couple phone calls.

After the birth certificate was settled, I continued thinking about the whole problem and came to the conclusion that I could allow the enemy to move me in the direction of settling this in the natural or I could use my trust in Yahuah to settle this in a way that would not disrupt our lives and finances.

The next action I took was to spend time in praise and worship, just loving on Yahuah. I knew that Yahuah could resolve this problem. The outflow of the praise and worship was hearing Ruach Ha-kodesh bring to my memory several events that had happened to us over the past few year, which negatively impacted our finances. He suggested I should be asking why these things were happening.

That was exactly my next step. Asking why these seemly unrelated events which all impacted our finances and life were happening.  I was encouraged to read my journal. While that seemed like a strange answer however I found the answer in my journal. 

In November 2010 God had told me I would soon travel with my husband on his business trips and I was to pray for the people in those area. I would not lose any work time because the work God had given me could be done anywhere. I just needed my computer and my library on my kindle. 

I had not started traveling with my husband and in fact I forgot about it thinking when the time comes we will know.  

We are encouraged to read our journal regularly so that we do not forget what Yahuah has said to us. Well, I want to share with you that is a good idea. Maybe if I had been doing that I would have recognized it was time to travel with my husband before the 4 costly events, that might not have happened had I been with him.  Actually, I am sure they would not have happened.

Then I repented for not following through on what Yahuah clearly told me he wanted me to do.  I agreed to begin traveling with my husband. 

Then I got done to serious prayer. I asked God to resolve this problem with the passport being returned. 

Next, I requested and commanded my Host Angel Army to go and breakdown the strongholds that were involved and to have the passport returned. 

Then I sought the help of my intercessor friend, and she pulled in her team of intercessors. K. Her team of intercessors have been fantastic over the years. 

We focused on Yahuah’s ability and willingness to resolve this problem. We did not back up. I did not research or make any plans in the natural. The only acceptable answer was that Yahuah would resolve the problem with the end result of the passport being returned.

While that did not seem likely in the natural, we stood firm, with encouragement toward Yahuah of His power to do this and thanksgiving.  I did not allow myself to worry or panic over this situation. I stayed focused on Yahuah’s power and listened for his voice. 

In listening for his voice, I heard I was to ask the people in Mexico to check again with the lost and found at the airport. When talking with my husband over the weekend I asked him to do that on the 2nd day toward Shabbat morning. 

My daughter-in-law messaged me one morning with a suggestion which was appreciated as I had not thought of what she suggested. 

I came away from the conversation with her and just told Yahuah, I know you have this one resolved I am not going to spend any time on this. I decided to check my email.

I want to share with you the email I found:

Hi Margaret

We have great news for you.

We returned to call the office of forgotten objects in Terminal 1, at the airport in Mexico City. And they say they have the passport of (my husband).

You will have to show up to pick it up with an ID, I have a copy of your passport, I will give it to you so that they can deliver it to you.


Praise Yahuah for He is good.


My husband took a day from helping the client and flew back to Mexico City and got his passport. Apparently, someone had gotten caught with a lot of passports as he said there were about 30 or more on a table waiting for people to come and get them. The Angelic Host had been busy!