One Minute Manager

Before you start your day, come and spend time with me. As the waves wash up on the shore let My grace wash over you each morning. Yes each morning before you start your day. As you linger in my presence sharing with me the problems you’ll face for this day, the things that are trying to worry you, and the things you have noticed I have done for you, my waves of grace will give you solutions. Allow my grace to set the order of your day. Knowing which way to go and staying focused on what my grace has shown you, will allow you to have a peaceful, joy-filled day in spite of problems that will arise. As you are confronted with attacks from the devil, my grace will show itself in your life you will reflect My holiness.
As I write this post, I get the vision of an old TV commercial where someone is sitting at the head of the table with other mischievous looking people. As the camera pauses at each person they are smiling at him. Then you hear the problem they are going to cause for the main character that day. The character has no idea these things are going to happen. The main character takes a drink, I believe the produce was orange juice. After which he looks relaxed and prepared for the day. Then the announcer says “Now that you have had “XXX” orange juice you can make it through the day.”
Consider yourself that character at the head of the table, thinking of all the people in your life and the situations you may face during the day; Mentally going over your to do list. Now, see yourself positioned, in your mind’s eye, at the table of Yahuah. Enjoying breakfast with Yahuah, sharing with him all these expected coming events of you to do list. As you make your request, Yahuah will rest his grace on each one of those people and events in your life. This is asking we need to do before we can receive.  John 16:24 NASB 24 "Until now you have asked for nothing in My name; ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be made full. 
As a financial department manager, I would follow the “One Minute Manager” (Ph.D. Kenneth Blanchard and M.D. Spencer Johnson) design of spending a little time with each employee listening to their plans for the day and helping them set their course for the day. Allow Yahuah to be your one minute manager. Yahuah is not asking for hours, he is asking for minutes. Even when we start the day late, we always need to give the first minutes of the day to Yahuah. He has given us this day and he will help us set the course for our day.
I have learned that immediately upon waking and saying good morning to Abba Yahuah, inviting Him into my day. I sit up on the edge of the bed. Then I lift my hands to heaven and make a request of Yahuah. “ Yahuah I ask for and receive your grace sufficient for the day.”  I feel the peace of Yahuah rush over me and only then am I ready to get off the bed and head for my tea.
May Yahuah be gracious to you and bless you and make His face shine on you.  Psa 67:1 NIV