Pride or The Name? You Choose.

pride the name yahuah Jul 14, 2018

Pride keep us from using the Name of the Creator given to us for our use by the Creator.

Instead of changing our habits, our ways to his desire we hide our pride behind statements like: "He knows my heart."

So my thought about that consideration of the Father's will is PRIDE. You think more of yourself then you put Yahuah first in your life. I get it that you do not see that in yourself but it is true and if your first reaction is: that simply is not true, then you really do have a pride situation to deal with 

At the core you do not want to make the effort to change your tongue and your mindset to use The Name by which He introduced Himself to Moses as The Name to given to the Egyptians as Moses went forward to bring out the people Yahuah had chosen for himself. To bring them out of captivity.  In addition to giving which Name to be used, Yahuah instructed Moses to use The Name! as a remembrance because it was indeed His desire. Shemoth (Exodus) 3:14 - 15

He did not say my Name is Yahuah but you can just refer to me with that pagan slang word "god". NO: He said  My Name is Yahuah, use it 

I want to ponder for a minute the timing of when Yahuah released His name to  Moses. Moses asked his Alahim by what Name do I tell them I come. Names were very important to the people of that time. Your name described who you were to become and often times your purpose in life. Because parents are not connected to Yahuah today,  they do not linger in His presence seeking the name for their child or the purpose of the child's life that they, the parents, are to nurture in the child. Such consideration is not given to naming children today.

Moses sought to know the Name of the Alahim he was serving. He sought the name to make known the authority by which he came with his demands. So the Pharaoh (Faraoh)   would recognize there was one greater them himself that he should bow to and allow the people to leave.

By His Name His people were to be taken out of captivity. By His Name they were to be saved and nurtured in the ways of Yahuah.  Out of the captivity of the world and the ways of the world. There was a huge battle of pride before the Hebrews were allowed to leave as a massive group. Then there was a huge battle of pride with each individual.  Even a generation of them did not make it to the promise land because of their pride preferring the ways of the Egyptians over the way Yahuah was leading them.

Changing your habit of using the word "god" is a super big deal. We can not hide behind "He knows my Heart." Are you sure He is even hearing you? When you are in a crowd and someone is shouting the name Sally continually you wonder where is this person they are looking for, when in fact they were searching for you but did not use your name, so you did not recognize they were seeking you. Why do you suppose it is different with Yahuah? Because He knows all things? But does he have to give attention to all things? Like your laziness or stubbornness not using his correct Name? (Harsh but true. 

Recognizing the greatness of the Creator and bowing to his desire to use His name is the beginning of your submission to Him. To hold him in great esteem is to use his Name. If you want to get his attention then change your ways and address Him by His Name with all the love and honor you can find in your heart. Allow yourself to be engulfed in his name and let Him bring you into His ways.

His Name is Yahuah, your creator the one who loves you with a love you cannot begin to comprehend in your current human form only in spirit can we begin to understand.

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