Why does Yahuah have to be invisible?

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2017

Today I began a 40 day devotional by John Bevere, Driven to Eternity. I asked the air why did Yahuah have to be invisible and Ruach HaKodesh replied! I hope you will be encouraged.

Why does Yahuah have to be invisible ?  The answer:
I do not have to be invisible Margaret. I am right here with you now . When you talk on the phone you don't see the person but yet you know they are there and you talk to them as if they were right with you and so it is with me. I am here right with you , I can talk to you and you can talk to me, you just have to put your head set on to hear me, your ear must be close to my mouth because I talk softly.
I am here now and you can hear me well because your mind and ears are attending to my voice. You will always hear me this way Margaret .  Can you locate where my voice is coming from  I am on the right side of the brain, right at your hear, can you tell.  Can you feel when you said "you …" that the voice came from the center of your brain and my voice comes near your ear.
Yes Yahuah, I can tell the difference now. Good this is where my voice will come and you will know that I your Yahuah am speaking to you and you shall take heed to listen to what I say for I will be directing you from this day forward as you move into your work for me.
Thank you Father. You are welcome Margaret. 
Thank you .