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Hebrew Word Discovery 4 - Pani, Quts, 'Achaz, Chazah

hebrew word discorery Apr 18, 2022

 Psalm 17:15

15 as for me let me see your face in righteousness; I am satisfied to see your appearance when I awake   BYNV

The literal translation of the second part of the verse: I will be satisfied in awakening in your likeness

In this verse there is no separation between thoughts. There is a lot of debate over exactly what David was saying. If we keep it focus that David writing in a poetic style that has often to do with death we can look at the verse and see that David was speaking first in his alive state and then in his death state.

The word awakening is QUTS in Hebrew it refers to awakening from sleep or death. David’s thought about the afterlife is in keeping with his poetic style.

Speaking in his alive state he says let me see your face in righteousness. Then in his afterlife state he is saying, I am satisfied to see your appearance when I awaken from death, so that would be in reference to when we all resurrect after we have died. 

Exploring the...

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Racham - Love

            Racham, Love 

Yahukanon (John)3:16

16 For Alahim so loved (Aramaic: chav or Hebrew “’ahav) the world that He gave His only brought forth Son, so that everyone who believes in Him should not perish but possess everlasting life.  

Yahukanon (John) 21:20a

And Kefa (Peter), turning around, saw the pupil whom Yahusha loved (Racham) following,

Let’s look at the different meaning for these two words whose base understanding is Love.

There are several words in Hebrew that have the base meaning of love with different expressions of love. There are two words in Arabic that express love

Hebrew words that I have learned are:

1 ‘ahav - love

2 racham - tender mercies

3 dodi - beloved (spousal love)

4 ra’ah - Brotherly love or friendship also as Shepard and consuming passion

Greek words I have learned are:

1 agape - unconditional love

2 phileo - Brotherly love our friendship

3 eris -...

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Maps and Destinations

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2018

I have a wonderful friend with whom I recently took a road trip. She is a very trusting person. I on the other hand like to have a more hands in the middle of things approach.  While she determined to totally trust the GPA system I like to have a general idea of where I am going and then let the GPA get me there. On a segment of the trip I had not consulted the map and was quite uncomfortable with the direction we were going.

That trip circled back in my thoughts today and I considered how true that is of people in general. Most of us are trusting folks and choose to trust the ways we have been brought up. Not so much with me. I was never fully on board unless I could understand why, what, when etc. As a child I know I drove the Nuns a bit nuts in my catholic school. Eventually the Roman Catholic Church and I parted ways and I went on to Unity, Methodist, Baptist, Assemble of God and non-denominational. But I had a problem, just like the map in my mind did not match up...

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Pride or The Name? You Choose.

pride the name yahuah Jul 14, 2018

Pride keep us from using the Name of the Creator given to us for our use by the Creator.

Instead of changing our habits, our ways to his desire we hide our pride behind statements like: "He knows my heart."

So my thought about that consideration of the Father's will is PRIDE. You think more of yourself then you put Yahuah first in your life. I get it that you do not see that in yourself but it is true and if your first reaction is: that simply is not true, then you really do have a pride situation to deal with 

At the core you do not want to make the effort to change your tongue and your mindset to use The Name by which He introduced Himself to Moses as The Name to given to the Egyptians as Moses went forward to bring out the people Yahuah had chosen for himself. To bring them out of captivity.  In addition to giving which Name to be used, Yahuah instructed Moses to use The Name! as a remembrance because it was indeed His desire. Shemoth (Exodus) 3:14 - 15

He did...

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Expectations of Answered Prayer

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2018

Do you ever wonder why sometimes prayer gets answered and sometimes you don’t see the answer?  Just how determine do you need to be to get your answer? We have heard it taught over and over you have to trust Yahuah. So, what does that really mean?

This past week I have had an opportunity to get some of those answers first hand.

I have a history of answered prayer, as does my friend K. who is an intercessor. While I do some intercessory prayer, I am not an intercessor like my friend. She actually co-leads a team of intercessors in her church.  We have learned to be straight forward with Yahuah in our expectations of the end results of prayer and we have learned to request Yahuah command our Host Angels to battle for us and help us. Yahuah put them to flight for our cause 

Host Angels are the armies of God. They are different then our guardian angels.

So here is the path Yahuah and I went through.  I will give glory to Yahuah with the details following the...

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Is Religion the doorway to heaven?

Religion religion is not the doorway into heaven. From a very young age my personal conversations with Yahusha were so fulfilling and wonderful that I could never quite grasp the controls of religion. There is a freedom in Yahusha. Inside that freedom grows the desire in one's heart to be like Yahusha, to take on his characteristics, to flow in his loving ways, and to walk with him daily. Any request he makes of me, is the delight of my heart to fulfill.
In my community, I have visited almost every church. I have spent time with them, observed their ways and my heart is broken. The people strive to keep the traditions of religion and often in the process get confused about or loose relationship with Yahusha. This happens over time because they are blinded by the personality and the traditions of the organization that they are unable to see or receive any new move of Yahuah. 
The word of Yahuah tells us that we are to come to Yahuah as little children. Children...
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Is Pride Hiding in You?

This morning I am reading a small book by John Bevere, “Recognize Your Spiritual Authority”. I found this book on a website: The book might not be in print right now, as I had to get a used one. Ruach HaKodesh quickened a sentence in my heart to also share with you today.
John Bevere was speaking about giving occasion to the enemies of Yahuah and he made the following statement about King David. 
“David’s one act of adultery led to deceit, lying, and murder.”  I paused at that sentence because Ruach HaKodesh said to me, “ Pride was the cause of his sin.” That caught my attention and I began to seek to understand more fully. 
How a sin is carried out is often very different on the surface then the cause of the sin. The cause of this sin was pride.  Pride causes us to lie. Pride causes us to attempt to hide our sin. Pride causes us to want what belongs to another. We see all these behaviors in Satan...
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Why does Yahuah have to be invisible?

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2017

Today I began a 40 day devotional by John Bevere, Driven to Eternity. I asked the air why did Yahuah have to be invisible and Ruach HaKodesh replied! I hope you will be encouraged.

Why does Yahuah have to be invisible ?  The answer:
I do not have to be invisible Margaret. I am right here with you now . When you talk on the phone you don't see the person but yet you know they are there and you talk to them as if they were right with you and so it is with me. I am here right with you , I can talk to you and you can talk to me, you just have to put your head set on to hear me, your ear must be close to my mouth because I talk softly.
I am here now and you can hear me well because your mind and ears are attending to my voice. You will always hear me this way Margaret .  Can you locate where my voice is coming from  I am on the right side of the brain, right at your hear, can you tell.  Can you feel when you said "you …" that the voice came from the...
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Yahuah's Love Language - Gifts?

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2017
While talking with Ruach HaKodesh and thanking Yahuah for his goodness: 
My mind traveled to the card my husband gave me today, was most unexpected, it was a welcomed surprise. He could see I was delighted at this most unexpected surprise laying on my placemat at our breakfast counter. I stopped my morning chores to sit down and enjoy the card filled with beautiful loving words. This is the type of surprise that speaks of love; extraordinary actions taken on his part to express his love for me. Something outside of the daily routine. Something he had to make a point to go and read cards until he found just the right one. 
I can almost hear what you are thinking. This lady is nuts to be so impressed with a card. Well not, if you knew my engineer husband. With the help of Ruach HaKodesh I have learned to truly appreciate the gift of a card. Why, because he had to first remember to get one, second he had to purposely alter his routine to go into a store, select it, sign it,...
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One Minute Manager

Before you start your day, come and spend time with me. As the waves wash up on the shore let My grace wash over you each morning. Yes each morning before you start your day. As you linger in my presence sharing with me the problems you’ll face for this day, the things that are trying to worry you, and the things you have noticed I have done for you, my waves of grace will give you solutions. Allow my grace to set the order of your day. Knowing which way to go and staying focused on what my grace has shown you, will allow you to have a peaceful, joy-filled day in spite of problems that will arise. As you are confronted with attacks from the devil, my grace will show itself in your life you will reflect My holiness.
As I write this post, I get the vision of an old TV commercial where someone is sitting at the head of the table with other mischievous looking people. As the camera pauses at each person they are smiling at him. Then you hear the problem they are going to cause for...
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