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Hebrew Word Discovery 4 - Pani, Quts, 'Achaz, Chazah

hebrew word discorery Apr 18, 2022

 Psalm 17:15

15 as for me let me see your face in righteousness; I am satisfied to see your appearance when I awake   BYNV

The literal translation of the second part of the verse: I will be satisfied in awakening in your likeness

In this verse there is no separation between thoughts. There is a lot of debate over exactly what David was saying. If we keep it focus that David writing in a poetic style that has often to do with death we can look at the verse and see that David was speaking first in his alive state and then in his death state.

The word awakening is QUTS in Hebrew it refers to awakening from sleep or death. David’s thought about the afterlife is in keeping with his poetic style.

Speaking in his alive state he says let me see your face in righteousness. Then in his afterlife state he is saying, I am satisfied to see your appearance when I awaken from death, so that would be in reference to when we all resurrect after we have died. 

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Racham - Love

            Racham, Love 

Yahukanon (John)3:16

16 For Alahim so loved (Aramaic: chav or Hebrew “’ahav) the world that He gave His only brought forth Son, so that everyone who believes in Him should not perish but possess everlasting life.  

Yahukanon (John) 21:20a

And Kefa (Peter), turning around, saw the pupil whom Yahusha loved (Racham) following,

Let’s look at the different meaning for these two words whose base understanding is Love.

There are several words in Hebrew that have the base meaning of love with different expressions of love. There are two words in Arabic that express love

Hebrew words that I have learned are:

1 ‘ahav - love

2 racham - tender mercies

3 dodi - beloved (spousal love)

4 ra’ah - Brotherly love or friendship also as Shepard and consuming passion

Greek words I have learned are:

1 agape - unconditional love

2 phileo - Brotherly love our friendship

3 eris -...

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