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Pride or The Name? You Choose.

pride the name yahuah Jul 14, 2018

Pride keep us from using the Name of the Creator given to us for our use by the Creator.

Instead of changing our habits, our ways to his desire we hide our pride behind statements like: "He knows my heart."

So my thought about that consideration of the Father's will is PRIDE. You think more of yourself then you put Yahuah first in your life. I get it that you do not see that in yourself but it is true and if your first reaction is: that simply is not true, then you really do have a pride situation to deal with 

At the core you do not want to make the effort to change your tongue and your mindset to use The Name by which He introduced Himself to Moses as The Name to given to the Egyptians as Moses went forward to bring out the people Yahuah had chosen for himself. To bring them out of captivity.  In addition to giving which Name to be used, Yahuah instructed Moses to use The Name! as a remembrance because it was indeed His desire. Shemoth (Exodus) 3:14 - 15

He did...

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Is Pride Hiding in You?

This morning I am reading a small book by John Bevere, “Recognize Your Spiritual Authority”. I found this book on a website: The book might not be in print right now, as I had to get a used one. Ruach HaKodesh quickened a sentence in my heart to also share with you today.
John Bevere was speaking about giving occasion to the enemies of Yahuah and he made the following statement about King David. 
“David’s one act of adultery led to deceit, lying, and murder.”  I paused at that sentence because Ruach HaKodesh said to me, “ Pride was the cause of his sin.” That caught my attention and I began to seek to understand more fully. 
How a sin is carried out is often very different on the surface then the cause of the sin. The cause of this sin was pride.  Pride causes us to lie. Pride causes us to attempt to hide our sin. Pride causes us to want what belongs to another. We see all these behaviors in Satan...
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