About Us

HI, my name is Margaret.

In the picture above I have just opened the door to greet you and invite you in. I am your kindergarten teacher along the Narrow Path. 

You know everyone has their place, their special task, special gifting in the body of Yahusha Mashiak. Some have big and famous task and others like me, have small non famous task. 

My role is an encourager and administrator. I do this through teaching and mentoring. I will help you get started on a wonderful journey.

I open the doors for you to discover the world of Yahusha. You will find the truth about Yahusha in the Teaching Letters. You will be notified by email each week when a new Teaching Letter is ready for you. When you begin with the first one you will be on a path to understanding Yahusha. You will learn how traditions are not always the truth and how truth has been hidden from church going folks.

If you prefer to listen and not read, just click on the "Video" section. All the Teaching Letters are being recorded for you. After each Teaching Letter has been released to you they will be in your Library for easy access.  

Recently I added "Pay it Forward" button for those who have really enjoyed what they have learned and want to help me keep the web site up and running.  I am an S Corp, under the name of Yohe Enterprises. I am a responsible tax payer. Therefore any help one gives is not tax deductible but will really be appreciated.

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I help you make sense of what it means to follow Yahusha, live the torah life and become a strong Natsarim (the name of the original followers of Yahusha). 

Remember, I am your kindergarten teacher along this path. No need to hesitate. Come on in and let’s work with the building blocks and build a full life for you in Yahusha. 



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PS I do not share or sell your information.