Is Religion the doorway to heaven?

Religion religion is not the doorway into heaven. From a very young age my personal conversations with Yahusha were so fulfilling and wonderful that I could never quite grasp the controls of religion. There is a freedom in Yahusha. Inside that freedom grows the desire in one's heart to be like Yahusha, to take on his characteristics, to flow in his loving ways, and to walk with him daily. Any request he makes of me, is the delight of my heart to fulfill.
In my community, I have visited almost every church. I have spent time with them, observed their ways and my heart is broken. The people strive to keep the traditions of religion and often in the process get confused about or loose relationship with Yahusha. This happens over time because they are blinded by the personality and the traditions of the organization that they are unable to see or receive any new move of Yahuah. 
The word of Yahuah tells us that we are to come to Yahuah as little children. Children are inquisitive, they are full of energy, want to be right in the middle of the action and they want to hear everything that's going on.
Yahuah says to us today, that the desire of His heart is that we would come to Him as a little child. That we would except Yahuah as our Father and that we would delight in his presence as he delights in ours. He wants us to come full of energy, He wants us to be inquisitive and to want to be right in the middle of everything he is doing. He wants us to hear him speak to us moment by moment.
Yahuah wants these things for every human being on the earth. He has such a depth of love for all who he has created that he desires that they come and be with him for life eternal 
Yahuah has prepared a wonderful environment and life for all of his children in the New Jerusalem. This place is so different from earth now that we really ignore its description because we cannot imagine it to be true. An environment of true love where everyone wants the best for each other and delights in each others talents. There is no unhealthy competition. No one lies or hurts others. There is no money or budgets to deal with. No sickness, only energy and feeling fantastic. All the children that have died or been aborted will be there to be reunited with their earthly families. Many parents will hold their children for the first time. No blame or shame just pure love and joy.
Yahuah's offer to us for eternal life is almost incomprehensible.
Along time ago the first children (Adam) of Yahuah decided to run away from Yahuah very much like a child today might turn their back on their family and runaway. In order for the family to be re-reunited the child has to make the decision to come back. When this happens the family is delighted and celebrates as they received the child back. Forgiveness is necessary on the part of the parents and the child. There is a need to adjust behaviors and decision to create a different way of living and interacting with others. The acceptance is immediate but the path to a peaceful home takes dedication to work together to create a peaceful home.
It is the very same with Yahuah. Along time ago the first human beings turned their back on Yahuah and ran away.  Their behavior has been passed down to each and everyone of us we must choose to come back home. We must come back to Yahuah to be received back into our family. Yahuah was so anxious for us to come back that he sent his son Yahusha to pave the way for us to return. When we take hold of Yahusha's hand and decide to walk the path back to the family of Yahuah we have decisions and adjustments to make just as the child returning to their family: to live within the acceptable behaviors of the family. When we returned to the family of Yahuah, Yahusha will help us adjust our behaviors along the path so that when we finally do come face-to-face with Abba Yahuah he will be well pleased to bring us into the eternal family much to the delight of Yahusha. 

Being able to spend eternity with Yahuah and all those who have gone before us is in the condition of our heart and our relationship with Yahusha that brings us to the place we're we will be welcomed into eternity; Living with Abba Yahuah and the family of Yahuah.
I am not saying to walk away from organize religion. Yahuah is doing many things in the earth today that organize religion may not want to accept because it may upset their traditions. Religion does give us the opportunity to fellowship and have community with others who are seeking their way back to the father but be leery of traditions that might keep you from the fullness that Yahuah has for you
The key is relationship with Yahuah.