Revelation from King David


This morning I am pondering a small book by John Bevere, “Recognize Your Spiritual Authority." Ruach HaKodesh quickened a sentence in my heart to also share with you today.
John was speaking about giving "occasion to the enemies of Yahuah" and he made the following statement about King David.
“David’s one act of adultery led to deceit, lying, and murder.”  I paused at that sentence because Ruach HaKodesh said to me, “ Pride was the cause of his sin.” That caught my attention and I began to seek Ruach HaKodesh to understand more fully.
How a sin is carried out is often very different on the surface than the cause of the sin. The cause of this sin was pride. 
  • Pride causes us to lie.
  • Pride causes us to attempt to hide our sin.
  • Pride causes us to want what belongs to another.
We see all these behaviors in Shatan as he stole Adam’s authority over the garden.
Pride causes us to lie or to highlight our wrong behavior in another person, even when they do not have that behavior.  By the way, we rarely recognize that we think highly of ourselves. Pride is sneaky that way. We have this need to be important and perfect in others eyes, so if necessary, with the help of pride we will lie to keep our persona elevated.
Pride causes us to create elaborate schemes to hid our sin. We go through many mental exercises, considering all the possible outcomes, creating the perfect ploy to hid what we have done. We do this so people will not see us in a bad light; so they will not know what we are hiding in our heart. The only thing is that we fail to see Yahuah will expose all our secrets in HIs light to give us the opportunity to repent and come back to him. Once our brain starts the mental exercises of how to hid what we have done, that is the time we need to fall on our knees and be honest with Yahuah. If possible, we need to humble ourselves ask forgiveness of those we have hurt.  
Pride causes us to want what others have. Deep down when you see something another has, does not matter what the “thing” is we question why do they have that and I do not. In that moment of thinking, quite possibility without really noticing what our thoughts our doing, your thought is “hey, I should have that”, pride invites jealousy to step in. Then Jealousy works in the background of your mind pushing you to mentally scheme to have what you have set your eyes on.
A couple of thing to consider about pride; First it is sneaky and clever. Satan has had a lot of practice bringing people down through pride. Pride is always at work placing subtle thoughts in your mind. This is where the Word tells us to take every thought captive, especially those that are urging us to want something. The growing desire for things (we don’t really need) has a tendency to pull us away from Yahuah’s plan for us or cause us to acquire it through sin. 
There is one more thing I want to highlight.  When we allow pride to bring us to the point of sin, we are allowing Satan to have dominion in our lives in that area. So David being our wonderful example of being a real person just like us, allowed the sin of adultery into his family’s life. Yes I said his family, not just his own life.  His family became vulnerable to Satan in the area of sexual sin.
Consider the events in his family:
·      His baby with Bathsheba died.
·      His oldest son, Amnon raped his half-sister, Tamar.
·      Absalom, also one of David’s son and Tamar’s brother killed Amnon.
·      Absalom took David’s throne, a fight ensued and Absalom died.

Such an eye-opening thought that our sins open our children and our blood line to "occasions of Yahuah Enemies."  Sobering thought we might all ponder before we allow Shatan to steal our authority in any given area.
Book used by Ruach HaKodesh to teach this truth
John Bevere
Recognize your Spiritual Authority
Published by Charisma House, 2002
Until Next Time, Margaret